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Sprinkler information

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Introduction of sprinkler with pure original accessories
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Water truck water cannon introduction:
7.5 公斤才能符合标准。 According to the technical specifications of the sprinkler, the weight of the sprinkler cannon must be greater than or equal to 7.5 kg to meet the standard. 7.8 公斤,是随州市唯一一家符合规定条件的厂家。 Our company's water cannon weighs 7.8 kg and is the only manufacturer in Suizhou City that meets the required conditions. . 使用寿命比市场上其他洒水炮要长一倍。 The water cannon is made of all-steel molds, with high appearance, elegant appearance, stable internal quality, precise processing dimensions, and high compressive strength . The service life is twice as long as other sprinklers on the market. 6 孔,底座直径为 14 厘米。 Has been well received by customers, the base is 6 holes, the diameter of the base is 14 cm. In addition, a water gun base gasket.

        40m 左右,雾状喷洒均匀,非常适合地面维护、绿地花草的浇水以及地面冲洗,超高树木的浇灌等功能。 The water cannon water gun adopts the current domestic leading technology, using high-grade aluminum alloy materials, all-steel mold casting, high appearance finish, beautiful appearance, stable internal quality, precise processing dimensions, and high pressure strength. The high-pressure water cannon can pass the nozzle Partial rotation adjusts the columnar or misty water flow. The maximum range of the columnar can reach about 40m , and the misty spray is evenly sprayed. It is very suitable for ground maintenance, watering of green grass and flowers, ground washing, and super tall trees.

Water cannon parameters:
Material: Aluminum alloy
0.3Mpa Nominal pressure: 0.3Mpa
Use medium: water
-30 摄氏度 ---50 摄氏度 Use environment: -30 degrees Celsius --- 50 degrees Celsius
7.8Kg Weight: 7.8Kg
        Performance characteristics:
1 )方向可旋转 , 可调节到任意角度 , 可根据用户要求上下左右自由调节 ( 1 ) Direction can be rotated , adjustable to any angle , and can be freely adjusted up, down, left and right according to user requirements
2 )洒水宽度 14m ,扬程可达到 90m. 可调节大雨、中雨、毛毛雨、雾状雨 ( 2 ) Sprinkling width 14m , head can reach 90m. Adjustable heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzle, foggy rain
3 )高压洒水炮可喷出雾状雨和柱状雨 ( 3 ) High-pressure sprinkler can spray fog rain and column rain
4 )水柱冲洗喷枪流量 ≥ 60L/min ( 4 ) Water column flushing gun flow rate ≥ 60L / min
5 )喷枪射程 40M 左右 ( 5 ) Spray gun range is about 40M
6 )铝合金铸件符合 GB/T9438 规定 ( 6 ) Aluminum alloy castings comply with GB / T9438
7 )高压喷枪总成承载最大公称压力 600kPa ( 7 ) High pressure spray gun assembly carrying maximum nominal pressure of 600kPa
8 )密封圈符合 HB5584 标准要求,采用的螺栓符合 GB/T3098.1 的规定,螺母符合 GB/T3098.2 的规定 ( 8 ) The sealing ring meets the requirements of HB5584 standard, the bolts used meet the requirements of GB / T3098.1 , and the nuts meet the requirements of GB / T3098.2
9 )高压喷枪三通万向水平方向可旋转 360 度,垂直方向可在 90 度内调整 ( 9 ) The tee of the high-pressure spray gun can rotate 360 degrees in the horizontal direction and can be adjusted in 90 degrees in the vertical direction .
        Water truck water cannon service
The company implements three guarantees, strictly fulfills its contractual obligations, and adheres to the principle of “customer first, reputation first”. The warranty period is one year. During the warranty period, if the product is damaged due to the quality of the product or does not work properly, it is responsible for replacing or repairing for free.
65QZ40/45 自吸式洒水车泵、 65QZ40/50 自吸式离心泵、 80QZ60/90 自吸式洒水车泵、 65QZ-40/45N 自吸式洒水车泵、 65QZ-40/50N 自吸式洒水车 |CLW80QZF-60/90N 大功率自吸式洒水泵、 CLW65QZF-40/45N 大功率自吸式洒水泵 | 洒水车水炮、 洒水车鸭嘴喷头 | 莲蓬头、万向喷头、后洒喷头、前冲头 |CLW60YHCB-30 圆弧齿轮油泵、 CLW80YHCB-60 圆弧齿轮油泵、 100YHCB-100 圆弧齿轮油泵 |XD-25 真空泵、 XD-63 吸粪车真空泵 |XD-100 吸污车真空泵、 XD-185 真空泵、 XD-240 真空泵、 XD-350 真空泵、 XD-420 真空泵 | 洒水车二通球阀、三通球阀、三通滤网 | 油罐车铝合金二通球阀、滤网三通 | 化工车不锈钢二通球阀 Main special vehicle accessories: 65QZ40 / 45 self-priming sprinkler pump, 65QZ40 / 50 self-priming centrifugal pump, 80QZ60 / 90 self-priming sprinkler pump, 65QZ-40 / 45N self-priming sprinkler pump, 65QZ-40 / 50N self-priming sprinkler pump | CLW80QZF-60 / 90N high-power self-priming sprinkler pump, CLW65QZF-40 / 45N high-power self-priming sprinkler pump | sprinkler water cannon, sprinkler duck nozzle | Nozzle, rear sprinkler, front punch | CLW60YHCB-30 arc gear oil pump, CLW80YHCB-60 arc gear oil pump, 100YHCB-100 arc gear oil pump | XD-25 vacuum pump, XD-63 manure suction vacuum pump | XD-100 Suction truck vacuum pump, XD-185 vacuum pump, XD-240 vacuum pump, XD-350 vacuum pump, XD-420 vacuum pump | Two-way ball valve for water truck , three-way ball valve, three-way filter screen | Aluminum alloy two-way ball valve for tank truck, filter Mesh Tee | Stainless Steel Two-way Ball Valve for Chemical Vehicles . Complete specifications   Welcome to inquire   Volume Purchase    Congyou Price
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Q: How much does a water cannon sell? My sprinkler gun is broken
800 元足够了。 Answer: This is very cheap. 800 yuan is enough.
Q: What is the function of the water cannon?
35 米,可以浇灌绿化带,还可以灭火;调成雾状,可降尘等等。 Answer: The water cannon can be adjusted into a water column, which can hit a maximum distance of 35 meters, can be watered with green belts, and can also extinguish fires; adjusted into a mist, which can reduce dust and so on.
? Q: Where are the water cannons for sale in Shangrao, Jiangxi ?
Answer: The sprinkler cannon can directly contact the sprinkler manufacturer, which is not only cost-effective but also professional. You can contact me if needed.
Q: How to repair the water cannon of the sprinkler ? I'm foreign
A: During the warranty period, manufacturers will directly exchange
145 洒水车 ,东风 153 洒水车 ,东风天龙前四后八洒水车 ,等各种洒水车 This product is widely used in Dongfeng Furika sprinkler truck , Dongfeng 145 sprinkler truck , Dongfeng 153 sprinkler truck , Dongfeng Tianlong front, back and eight sprinklers , and other sprinklers . , 可调节到任意角度( 360 度无死角) , 可根据用户要求上下左右自由调节。 The direction can be rotated , and can be adjusted to any angle ( 360 degrees without dead angle) , which can be freely adjusted according to user requirements.

、水柱冲洗喷枪流量≥ 60L/min 1.Water column flushing gun flow rate ≥ 60L / min
、喷枪射程≥ 30M. 2.The range of the spray gun is ≥ 30M.
、铝合金铸件符合 GB/T9438 规定。 3. Aluminum alloy castings comply with GB / T9438 .
、高压喷枪总成承载最大公称压力 600kPa. 4.The high pressure spray gun assembly bears a maximum nominal pressure of 600kPa.
、密封圈符合 HB5584 标准要求,采用的螺栓符合 GB/T3098.1 的规 定,螺母符合 GB/T3098.2 的规定。 5. The sealing ring meets the requirements of HB5584 standard, the bolts used comply with the provisions of GB / T3098.1 , and the nuts comply with the provisions of GB / T3098.2 .

More operations are introduced below the figure:
- 水炮 ( 1) After the sprinkler platform - water cannon ( Figure 1)
( 2) Water sprinkler water gun debugging sprinkler ( Figure 2)
( 3) Water truck water cannons are available from stock ( Figure 3)
The water truck accessories are actual photos, please check the product information
、高压喷咀喷出的水柱根据要求可调成雾状。 6. The water column sprayed from the high-pressure nozzle can be adjusted into a mist according to requirements.
、高压喷枪三通万向水平方向能旋转 360 度,垂直方向可在 90 度内调整。 7. The tee of the high-pressure spray gun can rotate 360 degrees in the horizontal direction and can be adjusted in 90 degrees in the vertical direction .
、所有可拆卸的连接部件应牢固可靠,不应有错装,漏装。 8. All detachable connecting parts should be firm and reliable, and there should be no wrong installation or missing installation.
、螺栓,螺母的拧紧扭矩符合 QC/T518 的规定。 9. The tightening torque of bolts and nuts conforms to QC / T518 .
、最大压力达到 300kPa 保持 10min 密封部件无漏水现象。 10. The maximum pressure reaches 300kPa and keep the sealed parts without leakage for 10min .
、各转动部件灵活轻便。 11. The rotating parts are flexible and light.

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